Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chevrolet Dealer in Jacksonville Offers Service Specials Online

Nimnicht Chevrolet in Jacksonville is offering customers new ways to save on a selection of services that oil changes, brake pad replacements, tire rotations and more.

The service center of Nimnicht Chevrolet in Jacksonville has special money-saving offers on their website that customers can take advantage of immediately.

Some of the specials include an oil change, tire rotation and vehicle inspection for $39.95.

Many Chevrolet drivers in Jacksonville don’t realize that keeping up with regular oil changes can actually help improve a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Dirty oil in a car's engine creates friction between the moving parts. The more friction an engine must deal with, the more heat it will produce. This combination of friction and heat will lead to a decrease in the total number of miles per gallon each engine can go in between fill-ups.

Regular oil changes are also a great way to ensure the life of an engine for years to come. An engine that is maintained on a consistent basis will remain cleaner and a clean engine is less likely to seize up on its owner. Routine oil changes are a great combatant to engine buildup. New oil acts as a recycling agent and helps to remove deposits, while lubricating the engine in the same process.

The service technicians at Nimnicht Chevrolet in Jacksonville say that regular front end alignments, or wheel alignments as they are also called, can help extend the life of tires as well as keep a vehicle running safely. Nimnicht Chevrolet service technicians recommend that drivers come in for balancing and rotating of tires every 12,000 miles (approximately every four oil changes) to ensure even tire wear and extend tread life. Worn out tires can be a huge safety concern for drivers.

Chevrolet drivers in Jacksonville can take advantage of these special prices for a limited time.  For more information or to schedule service, call Nimnicht Chevrolet (888) 349-0817 or visit their dealership located at 1550 Cassat Avenue, Jacksonville.

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